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The Difference Between Personal Home Care and Home Health Care

Do you know the difference between Home Health Care and Personal Home Care? The services sound similar and there is a level of similarity in each service’s goal and offerings, making them even more difficult to distinguish. If you are searching for care for yourself or a loved one it’s important to be able to distinguish the difference. One of the easiest ways to differentiate the services is if the service is submitted for payment to Medicare or private insurance or must be paid out of pocket. Read on to [...]

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Demystifying Home Healthcare

At Provista Healthcare, we often field questions from patients and their loved ones about what exactly home healthcare is. There are many questions about how it differs from hospice care, who is it for, and what type of services are included in home healthcare. Today, we would like to clear up some of the misconceptions of home healthcare and  bring some much needed clarity to the public. Home Healthcare Misconceptions There are many misconceptions about home healthcare. Many people have the wrong idea about what it is and who it [...]

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What You Need to Know About Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Orthopedic physical therapy is a common part of recuperation after an orthopedic injury. Many patients need orthopedic physical therapy due to repetitive stress injuries, sports injuries, or from trauma, like a fall. Orthopedic physical therapy focuses on improving the function of your bones, tendons, muscles, and joints. Physical therapy can help you regain mobility by increasing orthopedic strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Orthopedic Physical Therapy Conditions Here are some common conditions that can include physical therapy as part of your treatment. Arthritis Bursitis Fractures and stress fractures Joint pain, [...]

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How to Prepare for Home Health Surgery Recovery

There are many concerns and worries when it comes to a major healthcare procedure like surgery. Most find themselves concerned with the surgery itself and everything going well, but neglect to think of the recovery. Those that do think about the post-surgery recovery often focus on making sure they aren’t bored in the days and weeks of recovery to come. However, proper post-surgery care and recovery is critical to patient health. That’s when home health care becomes important. Home health care can help you recover faster by ensuring your recovery [...]

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How to Prevent Infectious Disease Spread with Home Healthcare

COVID-19 continues to strain America and the American Healthcare System. Hospitals and traditional medical care facilities are overburdened by coronavirus cases, leaving non-coronavirus patients without appropriate care in some instances. And those patients forced to visit the hospital take an unnecessary risk of exposure to COVID-19 to receive adequate health care. Home healthcare offers a way to prevent the spread of infectious disease. In-Home Healthcare - A Safe, Viable Option Home healthcare offers many benefits to traditional patients seeking alternative treatment options due to COVID-19. How does in-home care compare [...]

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In-Home Health Care, More Than You Think

What comes to mind when you think of in-home health care? Is it a senior living alone that needs around-the-clock help to accomplish daily living tasks? That is the image that jumps to many people’s minds when they hear “in-home health care.” And while that is a part of it, in-home health care is so much more. Provista Home Health Care helps adult patients young and old. Many of our in-home health clients are young, capable adults that need medical care at home. Many are healthy adults recovering from an [...]

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How Home Health Care Can Serve You

You’re an independent person. You live by yourself, or with a significant other who has a full-time occupation. Due to illness, injury, or surgery you find yourself recovering at home. Often without someone to provide assistance. No problem, you’re a self-sufficient person. But, how many daily tasks can you really do by yourself while you recover? It may be fewer than you think. Here’s just one possible day of everyday activities you may have difficulty facing without home health care assistance.

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