What comes to mind when you think of in-home health care? Is it a senior living alone that needs around-the-clock help to accomplish daily living tasks? That is the image that jumps to many people’s minds when they hear “in-home health care.” And while that is a part of it, in-home health care is so much more.

Provista Home Health Care helps adult patients young and old. Many of our in-home health clients are young, capable adults that need medical care at home. Many are healthy adults recovering from an injury, especially those that required surgery. For many they employ in-home health care because they live alone or their loved ones are gone most of the day at work or school. Relatively simple medical care issues can be difficult or impossible for the patient to complete alone, such as applying a topical medication to the middle of a patient’s own back. That’s a near impossible task for a healthy person of any age.

Provista Home Health Care is about putting trained healthcare staff in your reach any time, day or night. Our dedication to service is about giving you the ability to see a doctor by telemedicine or house call in the comfort of your own home. Even the simple matter of broken leg can make visiting the doctor’s office alone difficult. You may not be able to drive or make a transfer using public transportation. There’s no need for a loved one to take off work to drive you.

In-home health care offers one-on-one, quality medical performed by caring and experienced nurse staff (RN, LVN). Our nurses can cover medical needs as simple as changing wound dressing and giving oral medication to specialized care like medication injections and catheter care. All in the comfort of your own home.

In addition to direct health care from doctors and nurses, Provista Home Health Care offers home therapy options. Our in-home health care physical therapists come to your home and help you with therapeutic exercises to regain your strength, flexibility, and balance. There are no transportation issues, especially if your physical therapy makes you too sore or exhausted to travel easily. In addition to physical therapy, Provista Home Health Care offers occupational therapy and speech therapy services. Both services can be key to recovery safety and success at home.

Provista Home Health Care also offer medical social workers that come to you. Your medical social worker can help your find resources and access services to improve your quality of life recovering from illness, injury, or surgery. They can help coordinate your treatment team and provide valuable help for mental health concerns that arise as part of your medical health.

Provista Home Health Care does offer home health aides to assist with non-medical care needs, but we offer so much more. If you’re an adult recovering from illness, injury, or surgery talk to us today about in-home health care. Do you know someone who could benefit from home health care? You can refer a patient HERE.