COVID-19 continues to strain America and the American Healthcare System. Hospitals and traditional medical care facilities are overburdened by coronavirus cases, leaving non-coronavirus patients without appropriate care in some instances. And those patients forced to visit the hospital take an unnecessary risk of exposure to COVID-19 to receive adequate health care. Home healthcare offers a way to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

In-Home Healthcare – A Safe, Viable Option

Home healthcare offers many benefits to traditional patients seeking alternative treatment options due to COVID-19. How does in-home care compare to a skilled nursing facility or a hospital. What types of patients are best-suited for in-home health care? Here are some of the benefits of hiring a home healthcare agency like Provista.

Personalized Care and One-On-One Attention with In-Home Healthcare

Home health care offers more personal care and attention to patients. Home health care workers see fewer patients and have a deeper understanding of the patient, their condition, and their recovery roadmap than caregivers in a hospital or skilled nursing facilities.

Enhanced Safety For At-Risk and Immunocompromised Patients

Home health care is an especially attractive option for at-risk patients, who would otherwise be in added danger by recovering in a hospital, facility, or traveling to a doctor’s office for follow-up appointments. This is in addition to the normal logistic difficulties of an at-risk patient traveling to see a doctor or physical therapy session. Such at-risk patients include seniors, sick patients, and those recovering from surgery. Home health care is also a great option for patients undergoing non-elective surgeries during this time. Patients can safely recover in the comfort of their homes and not in a facility treating COVID-19 patients.

Decreased Chance of Re-Hospitalization

In addition, home health care decreases the chance of re-hospitalization for patients. Helping to make sure once patients leave the hospital they will not need to return and occupy a bed. Provista In-Home Healthcare has a readmission rate below 2% for spine and ortho patients. This is better for the healthcare system in general, allowing them more beds to treat COVID-19 patients, and better for patients by reducing potential exposure for non-coronavirus patients.

Reduced Interactions, Minimized Chances of COVID-19 Infection

In addition to the reduced patient interactions of home health care workers, home health care reduces a patient’s interaction risk factor. Going to the hospital or a physician’s office for a follow-up appointment means spending time in a waiting room. Hospital and office waiting areas are often occupied by other sick patients. Not to mention the number of patients, workers, and family members who come in and out of the room every day. A waiting room could easily put an at-risk patient in contact with dozens of other sick patients and the interactions of those sick patients, creating a wide net of interpersonal health risk. Home health care minimizes the amount of unnecessary contact with other people for at-risk patients.

Provista Healthcare – A Texas Home Health Agency Committed to Safety

For over 15 years, Provista Healthcare has dedicated operational efforts to the safety of our patients and their families, now, more than ever. Here are some of the procedures we are implementing to keep our patients and healthcare providers safe.

Telehealth Home Healthcare

To protect home health care workers and patients from unnecessary interactions, Provista In-Home Health Care uses Telehealth options when possible. Allowing patients and home healthcare workers to interact safely online when direct contact is not necessary for care.

Wide Range of Specialty Care Services Offered by our Experienced Staff of Doctors, RNs and Physical Therapists, and More

Provista’s In-Home Health Care offers more than home health aid. The Provista In-Home Health Care staff include doctors, LVNs, RNs, and physical therapists. This allows Provista to offer a wide range of specialty care services to home healthcare patients without the need to visit a medical or physical therapy facility.

– Follow-Up Doctor Appointments
– Urinary Catheter Maintenance
– Colostomy Care
– Medication Administration
– Injections
– Physical Therapy
– Occupational Therapy
– Speech Therapy
– Medical Social Services

For a complete list of healthcare services offered by our home health team, click here.

Regular COVID-19 Testing for Caretakers

Provista’s In-Home Health Care regularly tests its caretakers for COVID-19.

Use of PPE Equipment for All Visits and Patient Interaction

Home health caretakers are equipped and trained in the proper use of PPE to protect patients and themselves from the spread of infectious disease.

24/7 Home Healthcare

Provista’s In-Home Health Care ensures no break in patient care by offering 24/7 access to care from the comfort of your home.

As coronavirus continues to impact the United States and put stress on the traditional institutions of American healthcare, we expect to see continued growth in alternative patient care, like home health. Provista’s In-Home Health Care is ready to meet the growing need for professional medical care.

About Provista In-Home Health Care

Provista Healthcare offers home care services in the DFW Metroplex. We also offer home health services in Midland/Odessa and in-home health care services in San Antonio. Provista In-Home Health Care is coming soon to Austin. You can learn more about Provista’s In-Home Health Care services HERE, or you can refer someone you know who would benefit from home healthcare HERE.