Home health care offers many different types of services to help you along the road to recovery. In addition to the difficulty of everyday tasks in recovery, even health care vital to your recovery can be a difficult hurdle. The promise of home health care is to make your recovery personalized, safe, convenient, and as comfortable as possible.


Home Doctor Appointments

One major difficulty for recovering patients is mobility and transportation. When recovering from an injury or surgery the simple act of making it to a follow-up doctor’s appointment outside the home can be a challenge. Home health care gives you to opportunity to see a doctor right in your home. Provista Healthcare offers an easy telemedicine solution that allows you to see a physician right from your internet-connected device. In case your recovery is not suited to telemedicine Provista Healthcare also offers house calls. One of our affiliated physicians will come straight to your home for the appointment.


Home Health Medical Care

Provista Home Health also offers one-on-one medical care. Our RN and LPN staff offer general medical care and wound care in your home. This is especially helpful if you have a sensitive recovery area that can not be self-administered. Or you do not have a loved one able to act as round-the-clock caretaker. Beyond general care, our staff can also perform specialized medical care including catheters, colostomy care, and administration of topical, oral, or injectable medications. Home health makes sure you have the right care at the right time, with as little discomfort as possible.


Home Health Therapy Services

Part of your recovery process may include a form of physical therapy. Provista Healthcare offers home health solutions for physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Making it to an out-of-home therapy appointment can be just as difficult as a doctor visit. Home health allows the therapy to come to you. Your therapist will help you recover in the safety and comfort of your home, bypassing any mobility or transportation issues common to traditional therapy options.


Medical Social Work

The last major service home health offers patients is access to a medical social work professional. Recovering from an injury or illness can challenge your body and your spirit. A home health medical social worker can serve a vital role in your recovery process. These services include grief counseling, psychological assessments, and more. We know sometimes you need assistance getting in the right state of mind so you can get in the right state of body.


Personalized, Safe, Convenient, Comfortable

Home health care serves you with medical care personalized not just to you, but to your location. It helps to ensure your comfort and safety by allowing you to receive the recovery care you need from your home. And most importantly, it’s of ultimate convenience to you in a difficult time. So if you or someone you love is started on the road to recovery we would like to show you what we have to offer.

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