When choosing a hospice care option for your loved one, you will need to decide on a facility or an in-home hospice care option. There are many advantages to choosing an in-home care service. Provista Healthcare provides in-home hospice care, to improve your loved one’s quality of care and quality of life.

In-Home Care is Cost Effective

Provista Healthcare offers in-home hospice service. There are many ethical and quality of life reasons why you should choose an in-home service for hospice, but there is also a financial one. It’s cost effective. Provista Healthcare does not incur the overhead of owning and maintaining a hospice facility. And you and your family don’t have to pay for that overhead. That means more of what gets paid goes directly to the people and resources needed to meet your loved one’s needs.

In-Home Care Improves End of Life Quality

In-home hospice care allows your loved one to be comfortable in their familiar surroundings. Many hospice care patients speak to the value of being able to spend such a difficult time in their home, surrounded by the people they love. It’s a stark improvement in quality of life compared to a clean, sanitized medical facility.

In-Home Care is Convenient

As a patient entering hospice care traveling can be an extremely difficult or even painful affair. In-home hospice care does away with the need for your loved one to travel. It brings the medical professional your loved one needs to the front door. Allowing your loved one to remain peaceful and comfortable.

In-Home Care is Personal

In a hospice facility your loved one is a bed. To maximize cost savings, some hospice facilities create a general care plan that is applied to all the facility’s patients. With in-home hospice your loved one receives a personal care plan tailored to their specific needs. There is no one size fits all hospice care solution.

Your loved one receives the full attention of their dedicated care staff. There are no other patients, no distractions. In-home hospice medical professionals are focused on tending to your loved one’s needs. And unlike a hospice care facility, there is no large rotating staff of anonymous caregivers. Your loved one is allowed the interaction time to develop a personal bond of trust with their caregivers.

In-Home Care Offers Flexibility

One clear advantage of in-home hospice care is the flexibility it allows the patient and the patient’s family and loved ones. There are no visiting hours in your home. Patients can be cared for and comforted by you and your family at any time. You can make meals, stay overnight, and spend more quality time with your loved one, comfortable at home in the remaining days. There’s no need to leave to eat meals or be forced to drive home, or make overnight accommodations.

In-Home Care Respects Your Loved One

There is no more important concern for your loved one and the quality of their end of life. In-home hospice care allows you to respect your loved one’s wishes. Allowing your loved one to stay at home and pass on their own terms.

If you’re considering hospice care, visit Provista Healthcare’s Hospice Care Page to learn more about your options and the quality of care we provide.